Fauna of significance to the Barongarook Creek area -

Grey Goshawk – Threatened FFGA

Powerful Owl – Vulnerable FFGA

Blue Billed Duck – Threatened FFGA

Spot Tailed Quoll – Endangered EPBC Act

Great Egret – Threatened FFGA

Eastern Great Egret – EPBC Act marine and migratory and FFGA Threatened

Growling Grass Frog – Vulnerable EPBC Act, Threatened and Endangered FFGA

Smokey Mouse – Endangered EPBC Act (potentially in our area)

Long Nosed Potoroo – Vulnerable EPBC Act, Vulnerable Wildlife Act Vic

Regent Honey Eater – Endangered EPBC Act

Rufous Bristle Bird – Threatened FFGA

Australasian Bittern – Endangered EPBC Act

Latham’s Snipe – EPBC Act listed marine and migratory