There are many resources useful to landholders of the Barongarook area.

Listed here and in the column to the right, are resources handy to have at the ”click of a button’.

Farm Sustainability -

The Agsafe ChemClear Program

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – Agriculture in Victoria

DairySAT – new online tool for dairy farmers

The Dairy Self Assessment Tool (DairySAT) is now available online.

DairySAT was developed by Dairy Australia in conjunction with farmers and industry consultants, to help dairy farmers assess their natural resource management.

The Agsafe DrumMUSTER Program 

EverGraze “EverGraze is developing and testing new farming systems in different environments across the high rainfall zone of southern Australia. The target is to increase profits of sheep and cattle enterprises by up to 50% and at the same time improve water management, use of perennials, biodiversity and soil health.” (, Website, 2012)

Equiculture, Horse Ownership – Responsible Sustainable Ethical (HORSE)

FarmPlan21 provides farm planning services to farmers across Victoria. Our role is to help farmers adapt to a changing operating environment and achieve profitable, sustainable farming businesses.  FarmPlan21 provides a gateway to your farming business sustainability.  Environmental Best Management Practice (EBMP) is included in this approach (DPI Website, 2012).

Holmgren Design Services for permaculture ethics and design principles, whole farm planning, training, consultancy, online resources and literature.

Horses, Land & Water, A Community of Practice is a group of like-minded people who share information about a set range of topics, in this case, horse keeping and good land management practices.

Equine land-carers!





This Community of Practice uses four key ways to engage horse owners and horse property managers with each other to share collective knowledge and experiences

  • the HorsesLandWater Action Planner & Management Guideline for free download
  • promotion of workshops & field days relating to managing horse properties
  • direction to information resources for free or to be purchased
  • links to websites, mentors & peers

(Horse, Land & Water Website, 2012)

Pest Genie  Advice about chemicals

Plasback Silage Wrap recycling in the Colac Otway Shire

Recreating the Country  “Much is written about the need for connecting and expanding habitat to reverse the inexorable decline and disappearance of Australian plants and animals from rural landscapes. Integrating conservation and production has become the catchcry from foresters to dairy farmers. But what can landholders practically do?  The answer, author Stephen Murphy asserts, is to turn to nature as our guide. We have to rethink our revegetation strategies to match the sophistication of natural design principles.” (, Website 2012)

Southern Farming Systems  “In 1995 the six founding members of Southern Farming Systems got together to find ways of making farming in the higher rainfall zone more profitable. Their problems were often different from those faced by farmers in other areas and different solutions would be required.” (SFS Website, 2012)

Stipa Native Grass Association Inc, Stipa promotes and demonstrates the profitable management of native grasslands for resilient ecological health.

The name Stipa is not an acronym, but actually the name of a common variety of grass now called Austrostipa. One of the most common grasses of this genus is speargrass.

Stipa Native Grasses Association aims:

  • To promote native grass as pasture and for conservation;
  • To educate the community about native grasses;
  • To document pasture systems using native grasses;
  • To distribute information to agencies and landholders;
  • To network with other groups with complimentary activities.

(Stipa Website, 2012)

WestVic Dairy, WestVic Dairy is the dairy industry development body for Western Victoria and aims to help advance the dairy industry in the region. WestVic Dairy is funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy. (WVD Website, 2012)

Aroforestry -

“The Otway Agroforestry Network encourages and supports local farmers to design and implement revegetation projects for the reasons that matter to them. Otway landholders want trees on their farms to shelter stock, control erosion and dryland salinity, attract native birds, enhance property values and, if at all possible, to generate income.” (, 2012)

Federal Government -

Emissions Reduction Fund

 National Landcare Programme