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Barongarook Landcare Group aims to have as many members as possible (residents and absentee).

A large membership base means -

  • A strong community working together
  • Relevant, targeted programs and services
  • Joint applications for funding at a landscape scale (high priority for State and Federal funding opportunities)
  • Resources, advice and support when working to improve productivity and biodiversity on your property
  • ‘One voice’ when making comment on Land Management Plans, Strategies, Policies, decisions, etc that effect our work, land and lifestyles
  • Establishing supportive/collaborative partnerships with land managers, stakeholders, community groups, education providers and volunteer organisations

Best of all, we are fun loving bunch who want to share ideas, knowledge and experience while being open to learning, innovation and improved environmental stewardship.

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Please complete the Membership Form below or contact (03) 5232 9140.

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